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LWMS Grand Canyon Circuit East

Grand Canyon Circuit East Spring Rally

Saturday, March 25th, 2023

Holy Cross Lutheran Church 

241 N. Harrison Road

Tucson,  AZ

"Sing to the Lord "

Sing to the Lord, all the earth proclaim his salvation day after day. 1 Chronicles 16:23

8:00  am- 8:50 Registration

9:00 am - 1:00 pm

Lunch served at 1:00 pm

Registration Fee - $15

Childcare is available and lunch will provided to the children.   Please let us know by 3/21 if you will be requiring childcare.  Send us your child's name, age and any food allergies on the online registration form or email this information to marywatson1989@ 



    Pastor John Holtz - "Set Free"

The Apostle Paul wrote in Galations 5:1 : " It is for freedom that Christ has set us free."  He continued in verse 13, "you...were called to be free..." Stunning, joyous news. Indeed, because of the death and resurrection of Jesus, we are set free!  What good news to take to people, no matter where they live.  It is this same message that underscores the presentation on WELS World Mission work in Africa and the Native American Missions in Arizona.  Please join us!

The Holtz's were blessed to be able to share that amazing freedom in Christ message in Africa since 1997; they are now blessed again to be sharing it in Arizona.  John and Mindy Holtz are currently residing in East Fork in the white Mountains.  John is serving as the Native Christians Counselor; Mindy is currently the Native American Missions Administrative Assistant. 

Pastor Simon Duoth - "The Struggles of South Sudanese in the United States and Africa"

Since the Second Sudanese Civil War, many people have been traumatized from their losses.  Husbands have lost their wives, wives have lot their husbands, parents have lost their children, and children have lost their parents.  Many of them are in refugee camps living a traumatic life with not many things where they could provide for themselves.  It is up for those men and women living in the United States and other places in the Western World to help with those things.  There are so many people without a place of worship and we need help providing for them.  

In 2020, Rev. Simon Duoth graduated from the Pastoral Studies Institute and was assigned to conduct Sudanese outreach full time in the Pacific Northwest District. When unforeseen family circumstances forced the Duoth family to move to Phoenix, Ariz., conversations began between the Pacific Northwest and the Arizona-California district mission boards about the opportunity to plant a new Sudanese ministry in the area. Research shows that 4,000 Sudanese people live in the city. It was then discovered that a WELS church, Emmaus, was only four blocks away from a Sudanese cultural center. Emmaus’ church leadership has been willing and excited to offer its church as a worship center as Duoth begins outreach.

Mission and Freewill Offerings:

Board Recommended Mission Offering:        Project #WM-2022-26: Apache Christian Training School (ACTS) 

ACTS provides theological courses to train and equip Apache members for ministry. In addition to classroom work, these men and women have the opportunity to practice and model ministry in their home congregations. The goal is Apaches serving Apaches in this life, so that more can attain the goal of eternal life. The program trains Apaches to be pastors, evangelists, deacons and deaconesses, certified Lutheran teachers, and lay leaders within their churches. The time commitment is significant. Many ACTS students struggle to make ends meet while attending evening classes in various locations. Most students have families to support and often have menial jobs. Your gifts will help fund student subsidies, additional staffing, facility costs and renovations, training materials, promotional and travel expenses, and other projects as needed.

Freewill Offering: Project #JMC-2022-03: Sudanese Outreach   

At least eight different congregations in North America are ministering to South Sudanese refugees in their communities. Many South Sudanese men are stepping into leadership roles and taking classes through the Pastoral Studies Institute to become pastors of their local Sudanese congregation. They are also reaching back to South Sudanese refugee camps in Ethiopia, Kenya, and Uganda with the gospel message. Your gift will support current Sudanese ministries as well as future ministry expansion.


You can register online by clicking here. If you can not attend the rally but wish to contribute to the the offerings or Send One Sister you can fill out this form and skip paying the registration fee.  

If you prefer to mail in your registration form, click here to print it out. 

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